The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

September 19, 2018 | Written by: Carley Seale

This time last year we were still The Gypsy Wagon and in the midst of opening 2 new stores. To say it was a crazy time is a big ol’ understatement!


After we settled into our two new locations…one in the Houston Heights and a second concept called ROAM fine goods in Dallas at the Preston Royal shopping center…

we launched our very big and exciting news…our new name. After 10 years of growing and nurturing The Gypsy Wagon, we came out of our cocoon as Favor the Kind.



Dallas Morning News wrote a great article about where the idea of a name change started…but it’s not the whole story.  Where the article ends is where we began: we wanted a name that reminded us of what matters.


Ten years of running a small business has taught me a lot: lessons in leadership, lessons in service, lessons in risk assessment, lessons in team building. Everything changes on a daily basis…what people like, what they don’t like, what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. You will see that our Austin location is closing this month. Our era on South Congress has come to an end. It was a great run, but it’s time to take our adventures elsewhere.


Even with all the change, one thing stays the same: kindness matters.  We wanted our name to remind us that kindness is a choice in everything we do: in our product choices, the way we approach a problem, and how we treat our customers.  It’s been a big challenge to raise our standards, as it makes for more work for us. But as more handmade goods, more locally made items, more give-back brands fill the shelves at Favor the Kind, I can look around and say the extra work is completely worth it.


Give a gift that supports a cause, fill your house with art that was made by hand. The little things will add up to big things.  We’re just a store, but we’re going to make it matter as much as we can.


We are wrapping up our 11th year in business and headed into our first fall as Favor the Kind. I just wanted to stop for a minute and say thank you. Through all the change one thing has remained the same: we’re here to put a little joy in your pocket. And it’s such a privilege to do so!


See you at FTK!


Carley Seale, owner


Photo credit: Kelly Christine Photography