Story of a Kind Dad

June 6, 2018 | Written by: Johnny Seale

Running Favor The Kind and ROAM takes me out of the day-to-day of our home more than we had planned for. When Johnny recognized that was happening in our family, he stood up and said, “No worries, I got the kids, you take the company…we got this!” That’s just the kind of person he is…recognizing how he can be of most help and offering it up. Plus, he’s really good at being a dad. On top of being servant hearted, he sets high expectations and is really funny. The combination makes for the most amazing father and role model. Oh, and he serenades them with his ukulele in carpool line every morning. And makes their initials out of their cheese toast. And coaches JB’s sports teams. And tells Earnest he is pretty when he has glitter on his face.

I seriously have to pinch myself that my boys get Johnny as their dad. They are the luckiest.

-Carley Seale


What is your favorite thing about being a dad?

Johnny: I think there’s a sugar-rush feeling from the experiences you get from being a dad… like a non-stop flow of little moments that lift you up, amaze you, stupify you, and give you hope. There’s definitely roller coaster-type of scary plummets too, but most of the times you are on a ride that seems to only go up-up-up-up and the freefall down is more way more fun than scary.

How has being a dad changed your life?

J: I was an only child from a smallish family, and I think my heart became so much bigger when Carley came along and we became four people. I had always dreamed it would happen, but I wasn’t aware how far I could go and fall in love with people.

What is the biggest life lesson you hope to teach your boys?

J: If we can teach our guys to be confident in themselves, I hope they’ll feel good about sticking their necks out for other people. You shouldn’t want to just be satisfied with what you accomplish for yourself, but strive to take a part in other peoples’ lives. Make the people in your circle of life feel better, happier, healthier, and also confident.

What are your dreams for them?

J: Wouldn’t it be neat if we could see them both in their greatest forms? I think they’re capable expert-level magic and non-conditional love, and my dream is that they get to reach their full potentials and share it with their worlds.

What is your definition of Kindness?

J: The type of kindness I get stoked about involves other people. Like the small stuff, when someone unexpectedly does a tiny act for you that only lasts a moment, but you notice it, embrace the feeling of gratitude and give that other person a little acknowledgement back… maybe a nod, a look, a thank you. That feeling both people experience is kindness in action. It’s how we all relate to each other, doing the good work along the two-way streets of the world.


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