Daisy Natives

Sarah Eckett

"We don't compete, we empower."

Daisy Natives is a lifestyle brand for champagne clinkers, confetti throwers, and the ones who have too many revolutionary ideas keeping them up at night. “We don’t compete, we empower. We book flights to places we’ve never been with no real plan in mind. We have dance parties with our best friends in our underwear at 2 am. We embrace our weird and wear what we want,” says Sarah.

Sarah Eckett started Daisy Natives as a creative outlet when she was working her last job in February 2015 in her home state of New Jersey. “I was making fabric headbands and selling them on Etsy. After selling out of my first graphic tee in an hour, I knew I was onto something big!” Flash forward three years later, she calls Austin home and has a blooming brand fueled by female empowerment and “letting your freak flag fly!”

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