Gypset Honey

Deidre Froelich

"Inspiration to bring my designs to the public came from Honey - my grandmother - who lived her life as an individual grounded by family but with a passion for travel, adventure, and knowledge."

Gypset Honey brings an adventurous spirit into designs for jewelry, fashion and home accessories. Bohemian attitudes, eclectic tastes and energetic ideas unite in the studio to create the collection.

Designer and company founder Deidre Anne Froelich gained her inspiration to bring these designs to the public from Honey – her grandmother – who lived her life as an individual grounded by family but with a passion for travel, adventure and knowledge.  In Honey’s lifetime, she traveled to over 80 countries bringing home with her an appreciation for the variety found in the world and for the wonderful home and family she loved. Honey was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and spent the next four years facing her battles head-on. Her life was indeed a journey and a celebration until the very end.

Deidre is a Native Texan, born and raised in the small town of Bonham. Since founding Gypset Honey, Deidre has pursued her passion of travel and design. Living in eclectic areas of Texas, California, and currently designing in a studio just off Jackson Square in New Orleans. She has embraced the people and cultures of these communities. In all areas of travel, Deidre has sought out the unique techniques and materials of local artists and crafters, inspired to incorporate them into Gypset Honey creations.

Knowing about Gypset Honey also means knowing about Tyson, Deidre’s constant companion and sidekick.  At 14 years old, the pug has traveled more than most humans across the U.S. to meet new friends and clients.

Giving back to those effected by cancer drives Gypset Honey’s charitable efforts. This began with a special fund called Gypset Honey for More Birthdays. Set up with the American Cancer Society in Honey’s memory, the donations go towards research, awareness, patient assistance and hopefully, cures. A portion of Gypset Honey’s sales not only help the fight against cancer but other related projects such as community programs and direct patient outreach.  A link to “Give it Back!” is on the About Us page of

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