Dazey LA

Danielle Nagel

"We stand for women choosing to be brave and share their ideas and talents with the world."

The question on our brain most right now has to be “How can we make a difference?”. A question that Dani asked herself while creating her graphic tee line, Dazey LA. Dazey began from Dani creating herself her very own dream job: a combination of art, fashion, and photography. As she created, she shared her journey with full transparency. She showed her design process, marketing tips, and the rollercoaster that is starting a new business. The response she received was HUGE! As she looked at her growing audience, she felt a new calling. Dazey was to be a vehicle to inspire, encourage, and support fellow females in their endeavors; turning her graphic tee line to focus on empowering women. And boy, does she INSPIRE! Throughout the last year the line has focused on equality and the women’s movement, encouraged collaboration, challenged us to take risks and be brave, and to stand for what we believe in!

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