Katie Rare Heart X Kind Folk at The Rose Bowl

April 12, 2018 | Written by: Johnny Seale

If you haven’t been to our Dallas store lately, you are missing out on our latest obsession, Rare Heart Vintage. Rare Heart Vintage is a curated collection of vintage apparel started by one of our top stylists and models, Katie Randle. If you have been a loyal Dallas customer then you know Katie well, and you have definitely wished you dressed like her. She embodies the it-girl, street-style look with such ease in vintage Levis, shredded Harley Davidson tees, and some impossibly cool leather jacket she found on her last haul. Rare Heart Vintage is like shopping inside her closet.

A trip to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Los Angeles with Katie was a NO BRAINER for our next trip. This particular flea market is made for the vintage clothing lover. Any and every style of clothing has a place here. You can find anything from African dashikis to bohemian flowing gowns, denim on denim on denim on DENIM, and maybe every t-shirt ever made. (Maybe we’re exaggerating a bit, but it really did feel like every t-shirt ever.) We were in HEAVEN! It was crazy fun to watch Katie be in her element and to see her brain at work.

What was your favorite part about the Rose Bowl Flea?

RHV: My favorite part was getting to check out all the different booths. Each one had so many different things to offer. From high priced collectibles to curated items, to affordable gems. The sight seeing was an added bonus! So many cool outfits! Very inspiring.

What were you hunting for?

RHV: I was mostly looking for staples like tees and jeans but also wanted to get some funky pieces. I ended up finding some really great summer dresses and handbags.

What was your favorite thing you found?

RHV: My favorite piece I got was this rectangle shaped straw handbag. It has great structure and is the perfect piece going into spring and summer. It’s so hard not to keep everything I find!

What tips do you have for someone heading to the next market?

RHV: Bring water and snacks! Get there early! The market gets more and more packed as you get past the morning hours. Much nicer to not fight heavy crowds. If you’re buying in bulk, rent or buy a cart to carry your finds, or bring luggage that is easy to transport. Check the weather and dress according! That sun gets real. Comfy shoes are a must. Lots of walking involved here. Go to your bank’s ATM before hand! The Rose Bowl ATM has some high fees and you can only withdraw $200 per card. Make yourself a budget and bring that in cash. Last, always try to haggle down! People will most likely go down a bit in price especially if you buy more than one piece from the seller.

Stop in our Dallas store soon to check out all of Katie’s finds for Rare Heart Vintage!